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Alexander The Great Greek Restaurant

Our aim at our Camden Town Greek restaurant is to make sure that you can enjoy foods that come from the Mediterranean.
Alexander the Great in Camden Town opens its doors, serving the best possible quality of goods time and time again.
We care about quality and we only look to create proper Greek foods. Instead of any kind of imitation or Greek-inspired style, we use local Greek ingredients and produce to deliver the richest, most satisfying tastes possible.
We have various different dishes to pick from, and are happy to offer a fantastic easting experience. You can feel the tangy taste of the Greek and Cypriot foods..
From local cuisine to stunning Greek hospitality done well, you can feel like a king in our own Camden Town kingdom!


Looking to reserve a table for a specific purpose? Then come on down! We handle many seasonal events at our Greek restaurant.
Alexander the Great offers amazing set piece menus for many of the major events of the year, and would be happy to discuss potential bookings with you.
Need more information? Then contact us today for any details you may need. Otherwise, reserve a table with us today using our "Reservations" form!


greek key

8 Plender St, London NW1 0JT, UK
020 7388 1111
Monday to Sunday 11:45 am To 23:00 pm

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