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  • alexander the great greek restaurant Cmden town london
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  • alexander the great greek restaurant Cmden town london
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Alexander The Great Greek Restaurant

You will be enthralled by the service we offer, great hospitality and the authentic Greek restaurant environment.
Fresh Mediterranean cuisine Alexander The Great Restaurant has highly experienced chefs, who prepare meals using the best, high-quality ingredients to guarantee consistency.

Greek Cuisine London



Alexander The Great Restaurant London

Private Party

Book your personal functions in our restaurant.
Alexander The Great Restaurant cater for your private party including Hen Nights, Christening, Birthdays and any type of Celebration.

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Parties of 10 people or more
Free Cake and a Bottle of Champagne!

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Alexander Restaurant London


Greek Food Mixed Meze

If you are new to Alexander's cuisine, then why not try Alexander The Great’s “Mixed Meze” or “Vegetarian Meze” a traditional Cypriot feast consisting of over eighteen dishes served over several courses


Just like the great king himself, Alexander the Great, we look to deliver on our ambitions in life. We use that desire to help make sure we always give you access to a stunning range of meals, making sure you can come to our Greek restaurant and enjoy foods you might never have really sampled or tried out before.

Greek Restaurant

As a Greek restaurant in London, we bring you continental quality food right here to the capital for you to enjoy and to gorge on time and time again.
Take a look at our rich collection of authentic Greek foods above for our set menus.

Alexander The Great Restaurant FOODS FIT FOR A KING

Come enjoy top quality foods right here in Camden Town, London, created by passionate Greek food lovers. With a fine helping of awesome foods designed to make the mouth water,
you will find all the help that you need waiting for you here at our stunning Greek restaurant in Camden Town, London!

We have various different dishes to pick from, and are happy to offer a fantastic easting experience. You can feel the tangy taste of the Greek and Cypriot foods.
From local cuisine to stunning hospitality done well, you can feel like a king in our own Camden Town kingdom!.

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Sea food GREEK Restaurant London

For seafood lovers, Alexander the Great serves a great range including Octopus, Calamari and Sea Bream to name but a few.

Why don't you give us a call, book yourself a table and enjoy fantastic food in a special and friendly environment.


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8 Plender St, London NW1 0JT, UK
020 7388 1111
Monday to Sunday 11:45 am To 23:00 pm

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