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Contains GlutenContains LactoseContains Eggs
Sliced potatoes, cougette, aubergines, mince meat topped with cream and cheese and baked
in the oven and served with salad....£11.50.

Joint of lamb slowly baked with lemon,herbs and spices, served with roast potatoes & rice....£13.50.

Contains Sulphur Dioxide
Cubes of pork marinated in wine and cooked in coriander served with roast potatoes & rice....£11.90.

Contains Sulphur Dioxide
Lean pieces of beef cooked in red wine, onions, viniger & herbs,
served with roast potatoes & rice....£12.90.

Minced pork balls with various spices & potatoes served with salad....£11.50.

Stuffed vine leaves filled with mince meat, rice and herbs served with salad....£11.50.

Meatballs cooked in tomato, and oregano sauce, served with rice....£11.50.

Oven baked green peppers, stuffed with mince meat, rice and fresh herbs,
served with salad....£11.50.

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All our meals are freshly prepared on the premises to ensure the perfect flavours, this does mean foods may contain nuts and other allergens orderivatives of said foods.
Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal, when making your order.
Thank you.

8 Plender St, London NW1 0JT, UK
020 7388 1111
Monday to Sunday 11:45 am To 23:00 pm

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