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Alexander The Great Greek Restaurant

Our aim at our Camden Town Greek restaurant is to make sure that you can enjoy foods that come from the Mediterranean.
The glorious Alexander the Great was among the most successful Greek warrior kings of his era, also being a great leader.
Taking over from his father at the tender age of 20, he knew that there was a huge world to be conquered: and so he set out to achieve such dominance.
Like any great leader or general, though, Alexander the Great was fueled using the strongest food and the richest, most enjoyable drinks.

At Alexander the Great Restaurant in Camden Town, London, we look to carry on that same commitment to decadent, high quality food that match-up perfectly with your wants and needs in the kitchen.
From local cuisine to stunning Greek hospitality done well, you can feel like a king in our own Camden Town kingdom!


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8 Plender St, London NW1 0JT, UK
020 7388 1111
Monday to Sunday 11:45 am To 23:00 pm

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